About us

Welcome to Esperanbe.

We are a language academy present in different cities of Alsace, France that offers online and presencial courses. We have a program for every need, whether you are a professional, students or a free learner, here you will find the program that suits you better!

Our Languages

Español, English, Français

Meet our programs here

Our plus 

We believe that our institutional role goes beyond the courses. We take the responsibility to bring people together, to break their cultural barriers, increase, create and enrich cultural knowledge. For all this, we organize different social events (most of them coffee conversations) where people gather, to exchange their culture and practice a foreign language.

Together we are stronger, in this sense, we always look to make partnerships with teachers and different institutions to organize with them our events.

Where you can find our events? Click on any of the options you will be redirected to the corresponding page.

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Why choose Esperanbe?

  • Personalized courses:  We take this really serious. We focus on conceive materials adapted to your learning rhythm.

    • No books but lessons shaped by your personality.

    • No notebooks but more a diary where you can easily identify your lessons: You forgot something? With our Virtual notebook, you will be able to know exactly where to consult.

  • Courses in one-to-one: Online and Presencial (in Alsace).

  • Courses in little groups of 4 people maximum: Presencial

  • Learning algorithm: During our first trial course your teacher will ask you about your expectations, the level that you want to achieve and your availability. Then, according to these elements, we will calculate how much time you will be achieving your objectives.

Meet our programs here


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