Online courses: How does it work? 

We use the teaching platform “bligbluebutton” for our lessons. This device allows us to deliver our courses with excellent quality, how does it work? It’s simple! all you need to do is:

  1. To select one of our program and package. Important: You are going to pay after you take your first trial course of 45 minutes.

  2. Your personal teacher will confirm the date of your first course.

  3. Before the class, we advise you to download the Virtual Notebook. It is for free, and it will help you to take important notes of your lessons. Our notebook is adapted to our lesson’s program, in this sense we assure you structured, fun and simple lessons to review.

  4. 30 minutes before starting the course your teacher will send you the link to access to the virtual classroom, you click on it and you will be redirected to our classroom. As simple as that!

  5. After the class, you will receive the resume of your lesson and the activities that your teacher designed for you.

  6. You can have access to your lessons in your Esperastudent space. Just click on the language that you are studying, then click on your name, introduce your password and that is it! Your lessons and activities will be displayed in your personal space.

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Course duration

Our courses last 1 hour. Why?

For us, meaningful learning is essential, and we ensure it by avoiding overburdening. In this sense, we rely on consistency rather than quantity, and our programs were created based on that belief.

Fewer hours per session, more sessions per week = meaningful learning = happy student.