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Esperanbe stands for “Learning in a significative way”. Our lessons are not only varied and follow a clear progression they also are a unique experience of exchange and self-improvement.

Esperanbe offers courses for various levels:

  • Elementary: A (1-2),

  • Intermediate: B (1-2)

  • Advanced: C (1-2).

This corresponds to stages A1 – C2 of the European Reference Framework.

The language we offer are:






Development of oral & writing competences both in comprehension and  expression

Cross-cultural learning activities

Grammar, vocabulary, verbal and nonverbal expression

Accent reduction & phonetic.

Dual exchanges with a native online: Once per week from 30 minutes to 1-hour session

Online or Presencial


Classes focused on improving your oral comprehension in a reunion, in a phone call with colleagues and clients, etc.

Enrich your technic vocabulary.

Reduction of accent and phonetic exercises.

Workshops focused on business writing.

Oratory workshops: Gain confidence speaking in a foreign language, and express yourself assertively.

Online or Presencial


Language courses where you are going to:

Increase your vocabulary and learn typical expressions of the language

Learn important tips to interact with natives of the country you are going to live

Talk with the native: With this program, we put you in contact with a native of the country you are moving. This dual exchange takes place online.

Online or Presencial

Online courses

Kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.

Awakening of interest in the foreign language
Very dynamic and child-centered courses
Focus on expression and listening.


Only presencial

We offer a first trial course of 45 minutes, so what are you waiting for? Let’s try it out!


ONLINE        or      PRESENCIAL